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Vadouvan Curry Blend

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Ingredients: Garlic, curry leaves, shallots, onion, fenugreek, cumin, coriander,  turmeric, black pepper & chili.

Taste & Aroma: Hot, citrusy, warm and intense.


Uses: Vadouvan is one of the most delicate curries in Indian cooking, delivering a harmonious blend of complex flavors. Enlivened with fragrant curry leaves and a medley of classic Indian spices, Vadouvan also offers the mellow sweet taste of shallots. Popular in France and Belgium, Vadouvan curries are also known as "French curries" because they're said to have originated in a French settlement in India. The delicate, spicy flavors of this fragrant blend are especially well-suited to shellfish and vegetable curries. Try with a cream sauce with orange and Vadouvan, stir in cooked shellfish or shrimp and serve over rice, pasta or quinoa.